01. NAME : The name of the complex shall be “Sahodaya Schools Complex, Bhubaneswar Chapter”.

02. OFFICE : The registered office of the “Complex” is B.J.E.M. School, Bhubaneswar and may be shifted to any other place or places as decided by the Complex from time to time.

03. INTERPRETATION : The following terms shall be interpreted as mentioned below :
(a) Complex means Sahodaya Schools Complex, Bhubaneswar Chapter.
(b) “THE STATE” means the state of Orissa.

(c) Membership Eligibility: Schools affiliated to CBSE in Orissa can be members of the Complex.

04. MEMBERSHIPS : Application for membership shall be sent in writing along with the prescribed membership fees in advance to the Secretary, Sahodaya Schools Complex, Bhubaneswar Chapter and its acceptance shall be decided by the Sahodaya Complex.
* Membership Fee : Rs. 1000/- may be deposited along with the application form.

05. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP : Membership can be ceased.
(a) Submitting application by the Head for withdrawn.
(b) Acting against the interest of the Complex.
(c) Not attending the Complex meeting 5 times continuously.
(d) Non-payment of dues for two years continuously even after issuance of notice.

The notice for the termination of membership shall be communicated to the concerned member in writing after which the said member shall have the right to give his explanation to the Complex in this regard. The decision of Complex shall be final and binding to all the members.

06. GENERAL BODY : Members of the Complex represented by the Head of the School is called General Body. General Body is the supreme authority of the Complex. It shall formulate, amend its bye-laws, elect its office bearers, pass annual Budget of the Complex, ratify the resolutions passed in last General Body meeting.

The General Body shall sit at least thrice in a year and in case of Emergency it can be convened at any time with telephonic information.

The management of the Complex and all its affairs shall be vested with the General Body. It shall exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things which are essential to attain the aims and objectives of the complex.

(a)The General Body shall accept new members and remove members who ceased to be the member as per clause 5(five) of the Bye-laws.
(b) To prepare annual Budget for the Complex.
(c) To raise, maintain and invest funds in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Complex.
(d) To approve the expenditure of the Complex from time to time.
(e) Appoint staffs (employees) salaried or honorary to carry out day – to –day administration and implementation of its aims and objectives.
(f) To amend the bye-laws of the complex.
(g) To frame different rules and regulations for its smooth functioning.
(h) To purchase assets for the Complex.
(i) To fix the dates of different General Body Meeting.
(j) To form different Sub-committees and place its reports in the General Body meeting.
(k) To appoint qualified auditor and get its accounts audited.
(l) And to do all such acts or things which are essential for attaining the aims and objectives of the Complex as decided from time to time.

The members of the Complex shall in its annual general Body meeting specially convened for holding Election shall elect the following office bearers for a tenure of 2 years. The posts shall be Honorary, these four office bearers constitute the Executive Body of the Complex.
(i) Chairman
(ii) Vice-Chairman
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Jt. Secretary

07. EXECUTIVE BODY : Executive Body means all the four office bearers.

08. POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE BODY : Means the powers and functions of the four office bearers.
(a) CHAIRMAN : The Chairman is the chairperson of the Complex who shall preside over all the meetings. The Chairman shall have the right to cast its vote in case of Tie and shall become the Chairman of all the committee and to do all other acts or things for attaining aims and objectives of the Complex.
(b) VICE CHAIRMAN : In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall do all the acts or things vested with the Chairman.
(c) SECRETARY : The Secretary shall be the custodian of all the records and assets, the books of account and money receipt. The Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Complex and look after the execution of the policies and decisions taken by the General Body / Complex.
(d) JOINT SECRETARY : In the absence of Secretary, the Joint Secretary shall do all such works of the Secretary and help the Executive Body in furthering the day-to-day affairs and management of the Sahodaya Schools Complex and assist the Secretary in all matters. The Joint Secretary will assist the Secretary as the treasurer.

09. ELECTION : The office bearers shall continue for a term of 2 years. The Election of office bearers shall be held on the 2nd Saturday of December and the General Body shall prepare the Election rules for its smooth conduct. The Office Bearers will be elected on rotation basis.

10. MEETINGS : All the meetings of Complex shall be convened by the Secretary in consultation with the Chairman but requisition meetings shall be convened by the Chairman of the Sahodaya Schools Complex.

11. NOTICE OF MEETING : Not less than 7 days notice shall be required for convening General Body and requisition General Body meeting but emergent General Body meeting shall be convened at short notice over telephonic message. The notice of the meeting shall be in writing and be sent under proper seal of the complex by post and its service must be valid.

12. QUORUM : No business shall be transacted in any meeting unless at least one third of total members shall form the Quorum within 30 minutes from the schedule time. If no Quorum is present as per he schedule the meeting shall be adjourned to some other date as decided in consultation with the Chairman. Quorum is not required for adjourned meeting.

13. FUNDS : Funds of the Complex can be raised by collecting membership fee and annual fees Rs. 3000/- per member per year by 30th April, aids from Govt. and non-Governmental agencies, Donations and by other means not in contraventions of any provision of law of the land as decided by the Complex from time to time and the funds of the Sahodaya Schools Complex shall be deposited by opening an account in State Bank of India or any of the Nationalized Bank or scheduled bank jointly by the Secretary and the Chairman/Vice-Chairman.

14. AUDIT : The funds of the Complex shall be audited by a qualified charted accountant appointed by Complex and report shall be placed in the General Body Meeting by 30th June of every year.

15. JURISDICTION : For purpose of jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of the Sahodaya Schools Complex shall be the place where its registered office situates from time to time. At present for the purpose of jurisdiction it shall be to Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.

Minutes of Meetings